Building Construction - Construction, Consultation
Building Construction Paya Saman Pars co.  (Special joint stock companies (is one of the parent companies of Mostazafan Foundation It has been registered f Companies and Non-Commercial Companies by 308460 Registration number. at 07/08/1386. The subject of the company's activities pursuant to clause 3 of its articles of association is: 
1- Investing and participating in the shares of contracting companies
2- Investment in research and technology in contracting companies.
3- Coordination and planning for financing from banks and financial and credit institutions authorized for subsidiaries. 
This company is stevedoring and managing 5 construction companies With several decades of activity Was responsible with names of General Mechanics, National Building, Di, Raman, Talon and a consulting firm called the Sazeh Foundation And having more than 3000 manpower employed in the construction of a building holding and a range of specialized construction machinery in the fields of dam construction And water structures, land transport, railways and metro, airports, tunnels, bridges, industrial and non-industrial buildings, and consulting, implementation and implementation of many national and national projects.
This group has been succeeded by divine success and effort of its personnel and its prominent and influential management have been able to create a vibrant and dynamic group in the field of construction and service to our beloved country, Iran .also , The complex has already completed several cross-border projects and  progress Executing foreign project and is planning to expand its activities in the region.
the company by using  implementing updated methods and Significant financial strength and sustainability to execute projects at the most appropriate cost, highest quality and in the shortest possible time, Has been able to become one of the most powerful construction contractors in Iran with satisfaction of employers. In this perspective ,it is one of the top 10 companies in the design and implementation of fast and high quality construction projects in the region
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