Desalination Siraf project in 28000 Cubic meters by national building company.

Based on technical know-how and executive skills, the National Building Company succeeded in obtaining a project for the construction and commissioning of Desalination water with a capacity of 28,000 cubic meters per day by B.O.O. The project was entrusted to the company with a credit worth 7,883.7 billion rails. The National Building Company, with the participation of the South Water RADD Company, has had a successful experience in the construction of sweetener factories in the tender and has won the project. The subject of this project include Financing, implementation and operation of desalination plants in the Siraf port by the BOO method (Construction, ownership, exploitation) and operation of water supply lines to the Jam city to compensate for the shortage of drinking water in the villages of Jam city. The main purpose of this project is Water supply to jam city and Rural Town Complex Jam with 46 village, this city stay on in center of city in busher state, the reports adds that
Jun 11, 2018 13:29
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